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I love assemblage jewelry because it allows me to use "found things" that don't necessarily belong on jewelry, but because I find the item so intriguing, I have to hang it on a chain. Who wouldn't want a necklace that does double-duty as a fabric magnifier loupe?  


As you can see in the pictures and video, the loup has two hinges that can fold flat or expand to reveal three sides. "Champion Paper & Fibre Co., Hamilton, OH" is engraved on two sides, and "Made in Germany" is engraved on the third side. The loupe is in perfect condition.   


Fun fact aboutChampion Paper & Fibre Co:  In 1931, Champion Fibre Company sold approximately 90,000 acres of forest land to the government to create the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The company received $3 million for the land, which enabled it to buy new equipment and sustain profitable operations during the Great Depression. (Source:

Vintage Assemblage Fiber Loupe Necklace

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