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My Iridescent Moth Bracelet will be a fun addition to any jewelry collection.  Plus, you won't see yourself coming and going!  But you will have friends asking where they can get one.  (It is up to you if you want to reveal your source.  I won't judge you!)


The moth has beautiful rhinestone details, and the wings have shades of blue, grey, green, and pale purple.  Some people might call this a Death's-Head Moth because of the gold skull on its back.  That is why I think it has a gothic look.  The moth is set in a lovely burnished gold setting which gives it a vintage vibe.  To add some contrast (and because I like to mix metal), I have attached the moth to the loveliest crystal chain that is set in bronze.  The toggle closure is 12k gold plated. Length is 7.5 inches.

Iridescent Moth Bracelet

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